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Lynne Publishing AS is a music publishing company owned and managed by composer / producer BjørnLynne. For news and information on all our activities, please check our blog.

Lynne Publishing is primarily involved with licensing music for commercial and in-public use. We have an ever expanding music library of high quality instrumental music (and some vocal music) available to license for legal use in broadcast, film/tv, web, multimedia, games, presentations and other media.

Our artists include:

3D Audio Adam Skorupa Adolfo Marques
Adrian Haene Alan Peter Alexandar Dimitrijevic
Alexander John Ericson Alexander Khaskin Arjun Sen
Chris Hodges Chris Southward Classical music (arr Keith J Salmon)
Damian Turnbull Dan Gautreau Dan Phillipson
Dmitri Belichenko Dream Valley Music Edward Blakeley
Emmett Cooke Felipe Adorno Vassao Gayle W. Ellett
Yuri Sazonoff Jack Francis Jason Cullimore
Jeff Eden Jeff Iantorno Jeremy Sherman
Jogeir Liljedahl John Herberman Jonas Bateman
Jonathan Adamich (Jon Adamich) Max Brodie Mikhail Galkin
Neil White Nils Bergholz Ori Vidislavski
Pierre Gerwig Langer Piotr Pacyna Project 2020 (David Ingall)
Silvia Marchese Stefan Bode Thomas Hogan
Tomasz Stobierski Wesley Devine (Wez Devine) William Naughton

To license our music for use in media, please visit our royalty-free music licensing web site, Shockwave-Sound.com, or indeed any other online music licensing site that distributes our music. We also have a great site for sound effects in 1soundfx.com. Also check out some great music for fitness, exercise, workouts at www.WorkoutMusicSeries.com which is also our project.

To contact us, Twitter Lynne Publishing CEO Bjorn Lynne at @BjornLynne, or fill in the contact page on the contact page at www.Shockwave-Sound.com

YouTube notice: Those of us who work here at Lynne Publishing AS and our composers actually make a living from selling licenses to use our music online and in broadcasts, including YouTube. We do not allow our music to be used "for free" on YouTube. To use our music in a YouTube video, you must first buy a license to use that music. The price for such a license ranges from $15 to about $125 depending on the track, the length, and the type of license you require. All our music can be licensed via the stock music licensing website Shockwave-Sound.com and some of our music also via other, third-party authorized licensors.

If we find our music being used in a YouTube video without a license, we will have the video taken down via the YouTube copyright infringement system.

If you have had your YouTube video taken down by a copyright claim by Lynne Publishing AS, we found that you were using our music unlicensed.

If we made a mistake and you did in fact have a license, we will be happy to retract the copyright claim and your video will be reinstated and the copyright claim lifted. Please contact us with documentation of your license. Tweet Lynne Publishing CEO Bjorn Lynne at @BjornLynne, or fill in the contact page on the contact page at Shockwave-Sound.com

If you had your video taken down and you did not have a license to use our music, but you really need to have your video reinstated, then we can offer you a retrospective license for three times the normal license price. Once that is paid, we will retract the copyright claim on your video and you will be licensed going forward, and "forgiven" for the copyright infringement that already happened.

"But I'm only a poor student and I have no money to pay for your music. Surely, you must understand that my videos are only for fun, non-profit, and I can't afford to pay $30 to license your music!"

You may be making your videos just for fun. You may have another job, or you're a student or unemployed, and what you are doing with your videos is completely non-profit and just a hobby.

But for us, our music is not just for fun. It's what we live and survive on.

It's not OK for you to take our livelihoods and move it into your hobby/student/fun non-profit domain. We do not expect everybody to be able to pay $30 for a license to use our music. But if you can't afford to pay us for the use of our music, then don't use it. We want our music to be used only by those who pay for it. By allowing others / students / hobbyists / kids etc. to use the same music, it takes away the value in our music and it erodes the value for those people who did choose to pay us.

There are other places where you can get completely free music to use for free in your videos, or just in return for a credit. Please use that music. Maybe the composer is a hobby composer too and he makes his music just in return for on-screen credits. That's fine. It's a good match for your hobby / fun / non-profit video. But our music is not for hobby, not for free, and not for on-screen credits only.